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Flex Link Kits & Parts give you everything you need to connect your Blue Point™ turnout controller to a knob on the fascia, even if your Blue Point™ isn't aligned at a right angle to the fascia.

Knob on Facia connects to a nylon push-pull tube

A knob on the fascia connects to a nylon push-pull tube.

3 Foot Long Tubes
Behind the fascia, you can bend the tubing into tight curves. The tubes are 3 feet long and you can cut them to any length you need.

Flex Link™ Starter Kit   # 40022

The starter kit contains everything you need for one Blue Point™:

  • 1ea knob, pre-drilled
  • 1ea 2-56 screw & washer to attach the knob to the inner tube
  • 1ea 3 ft Flex Link™ tube (contains both an inner and outer tube)
  • 2ea tube clamps with screws, anchors the outer tube at each end
  • 1ea steel bracket to hold the outer tube at the Blue Point™ end
  • 1ea 2-56 threaded rod and clevis to attach inner tube to Blue Point™.
  • We've designed this kit so you can try out the Flex Link™. The other two products are designed to handle multiple installations.

Flex Link™ Hardware Kit   #40023-5

This package includes enough hardware to hook up five Blue Points™. It contains everything you need except for the tubing. Why do we have the tubing separate? Because you can cut the tubing into shorter lengths so you can hook up more Blue Points™.

Flex Link™ Tubing   #40024-5

This contains five sets of 3-foot flexible tubes. As mentioned above, you can cut these shorter if you have turnouts closer to the fascia so five sets of tubing can be enough for 5, 10, or even more turnouts, depending on the length needed to reach each turnout.
Flex Link Tubing

Picture shows you method used to lengthen tubing to desired length by using threaded stud #40051. Make sure red tubing covers the joint. 
Also additional hold down clamps #40057 should be used.

#40025 12" Mini Flex Link Mini Kit
The purpose of this kit is to economically try out the Flex Link System for controlling your Blue Point Switch Machine from a distance of 12" from the fascia of the layout. (Does not use the bracket)