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"SHINE--O--MATIC" Brand New HO Track Cleaner Car (comes in kit form) (Developed by A-Line) Fits Athearn 40' box car

SHINE--O--MATIC     Brand New HO Track Cleaner Car  (comes in kit form) (Developed by A-Line) Fits Athearn 40' box car and other brands (box car and couplers not included with kit)  Trucks supplied with kit have metal wheels.

First time ever available on the market from A-Line. Developed and tested on home and large club layouts.

Easy to assemble!

Trouble free operation!

No complicated moving parts!

Most effective way to clean track!

Non abrasive cleaning

Can be used dry or with liquids. We recommend Mineral Spirits for cleaning liquid. This will not damage the block or car floor.

Can be used in conjunction with liquid dispensing tank cars

Can be operated in both directions, pushing or pulling

Cars are optimally weighted so more cars can be run in a train without excessive drag

We are also working on a 50' box car  Shine -O-Matic !   Let us know what you think and would you be interested in one ?

As shown in pictures below, white Cleaning Strip material is wrapped around the slider block and taped with masking tape. As the Cleaner Strip gets dirty, just rotate the block to new clean position. When one side of strip is used up, flip strip over and use the other sides. You can buy more Cleaner Strip material

Our Cleaner Strip material works great on your liquid tank cars. Our material is heavy weight material and will hold and dispense fluid a lot better and more even. Our material has a great price for the amount you get!