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A-Line Weights- Steel, Lead & 85' Flat Car

Stick-On Steel Weights offer the easiest way to add weight to your locomotives and rolling stock. Weight strips are pre-cut in small increments for precise measurement and have thin adhesive backed urethane foam tape applied to one side for easy installation. Use Stick-On Steel Weights in your freight or passenger cars, containers or trailers and locomotives. Segmented design and a variety of sizes allow Use of these self adhesive weights in almost any type of equipment.


Practically any modeler who runs intermodal trains has a fleet of Athearn 85' piggyback or all-purpose flat cars. Unfortunately, these cars have a few short comings that prevent them from running reliably on many layouts. Thanks to these A-LINE flat car weights, you can dig those cars out of the closet and get them in top running condition. Use both weights (end & center sill)) to double the Athearn 85' piggyback or all-purpose flat car's empty weight (from a stock 2.2 oz. to 4.5 oz.). Both types of weights are precision cast in white metal. End weights replace the bolster section of the flat car ends and add 2.0 OZ. of weight per car. Additional features:

. lower car height resulting in a more prototypical appearance and a lower center of gravity
. option of cushioned or solid drawbars
. accepts Kadee #5 or #26 couplers (not included) depending on application.

The center sill weights are designed to compliment the end weights but may be used alone. This weight kit directly replaces the original plastic center sill casting and stock weight. It will add 1.3oz. of weight to the car and also lower the center of gravity.