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A-Line Hobby Tote System (HO & N Scales)


HOBBY-TOTE - A System for Many Uses!

Protect your valuable model equipment with these versatile and economical storage containers from A-Line.  Storage containers are designed to hold equipment in an upright position to protect delicate details.  A must for club members or anyone who stores and/or transports model railroad and vehicle equipment.  They are also handy for storing modeling materials such as styrene, strip wood, wire, detail parts, etc. Hobby-Tote Storage Container System will last indefinitely with normal use and are also designed to fit into the A-LINE Hobby Tote Nylon Carrying Case for easy transport.


Innovative Storage Container Key Features

. Tray lids insure dust-free storage and maximum protection during transport
. Removable chip board dividers with foam cushioning (Cushioning, HO Only)
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. Made from heavy duty 250lb. test, double wall corrugated cardboard
. Easy assembly...instructions included
. Clean, white exterior
. Approximate tray capacity and dimenions.
HO scale high and low box -Up to 16 40' box cars or 8 85' passenger cars

N scale low box- Up to 98 40' box cars or 36 85' passenger cars

Inside tray dimensions HO low box: 27" long X 7" wide X 2 1/4" deep

Outside tray dimensions HO low box: 28" long X 7 3/4" wide X 2 1/2" deep

Inside tray dimensions HO high box: 27" long X 7" wide X 3" deep

Outside tray dimensions HO high box: 28" long X 7 3/4 wide X 3 1/4" deep

Inside tray dimensions N-Scale low box: 27" long X 7" wide X 2 1/4" deep

. Additional Foam Spacers available to provide additional cushioning for the ends of your models. Use part # 19300

These are the parts that are included with each HO Hobby Tote box. They include, one bottom, one top, divider and four foam strips. Assembly is required, instructions included! 

N-Scale box does not include foam strips.


Description and use of Hi and Low boxes


  The "Low" box inside height dimension is 2 1/4" deep. The " Hi " box inside height dimension is 3" deep. The "Low" box will hold the standard height freight cars (ie. 40' & 50') and locomotives (ie. F-units).  Excess height cars and modern locomotives (autoracks, Amtrak Superliner cars, etc) will fit in the " Hi" boxes.


  The " Low" boxes utilize space more efficiently for N Scale equipment and HO vehicles.  The length and number (4) of individual storage slots remains the same for HI or Low boxes.  These boxes are excellent for carrying long unit trains (grain, cement, intermodal  cars and up to 48 coal cars) and the engines to pull them.



Same Nylon Case Used
for Both HO & N Scale Systems

Comparison of 4 High & 5 Low Systems

HO Scale

Complete HO "Low" System

HO "Low" Box            Foam spacers (#19300) installed   





HO & N Scale Pricing