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#12031 - Coupling Kit

#12031 - Coupling Kit


#12031 - Coupling Kit

This coupling kit contains a variety of coupling components. Kit includes assorted male and female universal joints and various length splines molded in Delrin plastic.

It also contains universal coupling components made using metals shafts (3/32" diameter rod X 4" long). They will do long and short wheelbase locos.   The kit provides two metal rods to do one or two loco, depending on the wheel base length.

These couplings will work with the ball and socket type couplings and flywheels.  Can be used to replace Athearn ball and socket drive line components and will also work with Aline #20006 flywheels with ball coupling installed. Ball diameter is .156 " or 3.93mm  They will not work with " HEX" Drive flywheels.

This kit is excellent for replacing early steam and diesel models that used plastic tubing to connect the drive line. Kit will do at least two locos. Most all the couplings in the set have a small 2mm hole in them. So you can drill couplings out to whatever size you need.

I would use a numbered drill set so you start small and
increase hole size until you get the tight press fit you need.
This coupling set is very universal and you should be able to make it work for your projects.

We would suggest, instead of trying to make them work with couplings you currently have, just use the pieces in the set to make-up what you need.

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