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Blue Point Installation Instructions - Part 2 (Turnout installed on layout)




1 #1   Remove ground throw unit from switch.
2 #2. Tape turnout points in centered position as shown. Drill pilot hole thru throw bar and layout.

#2a Drill second hole centered between rails through bench work at point shown in picture. This is very important for correct Blue Point mounting alignment.

3 #3. This is special drill used to make flush cut hole completely through your benchwork.


4 #4 Note - this is a special tip.
5 #5. Measure or approximate the thickness of layout bench work. Put the special 5/16" drill bit in drill motor. Cut piece of 5/16" tube so the portion of drill bit showing measures the thickness of layout plus 1/4". If layout is 1/2" thick + 1/4" = 3/4" then there would be 3/4" of bit showing.
6 #6. Add 5/16" SAE washers as shown in the picture.
7 #7. Drill hole in layout using the pilot hole that you drilled earlier (step 2) If you are using plastic or brass 5/16" tubing put an additional 5/16" SAE washer between layout and tube. This will protect the end of tube.
8 #8. Remove washers one at a time from drill until you just break thru the layout surface. You may need to clean up the hole exit with a hobby knife.
9 #9. Draw centerline between 5/16" hole and smaller hole drilled previously in step 2A

Buy Drill Fixture - # 40010 - Drill Template

10 #10. Draw black centerline on drill template and place in 5/16" hole. Line up both black lines and this will give you correct alignment of
drill template before the 4 holes are drilled to mount Blue Point machine.This is very important for correct Blue Point mounting alignment. N
ow go to Blue Point installation instructions and start at step 7. (Click Here)