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Universal Throttle Pockets

Shown from left to right are the Digitrax UT4, Lenz LH90,
MRC Prodigy Advance, and NCE Pro Cab throttles.

Add a nice touch to your layout with our custom-made pockets to hold your Atlas, CVP EasyDCC, Digitrax, Lenz, or NCE DCC throttles. These pockets are injection molded from durable ABS plastic. Simply screw them to your layout and you're ready for operations.

Compatibility Chart

Manufacturer Compatible Incompatible
AtlasMaster HandCommand x  
CVP EasyDCC   Note: Since printing the packaging, we've learned that the CVP throttles vary in thickness. As a result, you may need to put a shim (such as washers) behind the Throttle Pockets when you mount them in order to have the CVP throttles fit.
Digitrax x  
Lenz x LH100 is a very tight fit. However, spreading the top slightly when mounting will allow this throttle to fit.
MRC x The Universal Throttle Pocket™ 2, #40020, fits the MRC Prodigy Advance. The older 40016 does not.
NCE x  

Note: Our Universal Throttle Pockets may work with throttles not listed here, but we haven't tested them. Please let us know if you find it works with other throttles.

Universal Throttle Pocket & Optional Spacer
Throttle Pocket Internal Dimensions = 2.5" Wide X 1" Deep
Optional Spacer Sample Thickness = .25" - See note below

The optional spacer will increase the depth of Throttle Pocket for thicker controllers. It is made of foam board. This material can be purchased from Staples, Wal-Mart, Michaels and any other office supply or crafts store. Material is easy to cut and can be stacked for deeper spacing if needed.