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SOM - #1 Loader Block Instructions

SOM - #1 Loader Block Instructions


SOM - #1  HO   Loader Block Instruction sheet

Complete Loader Block assembly and sample block shown                                                                     To buy go to  :         SOM-1006 HO scale


Loader Block instructions


Wrap 6" long Cleaner Strip Material piece around Slider Block as tight as you can with ends overlapping equally at slot in block.

Slider Block: SOM-1004                                                                                                  Cleaner Strip Material: SOM-1003

Place block and material in Loader as shown. Make sure material is flush with sides of block

Stuff material into slot one end at a time with tool supplied with Loader. 

keeper Strip installed in block

Place rubber keeper into slot.

Start the keeper into slot with tool . Do not use screw driver to push keeper into slot, it will damage the rubber keeper!


Finish pressing keeper into slot with tool so it ends up at proper depth evenly across the slot.

This is what keeper should look like after being correctly installed. Keeper should be below Cleaner Material so it won't get caught on track work!

 You are now ready to load your Shine-O-Matic car and start cleaning track. Let us know how it works for you!

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