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Piggy-Packer Highly Detailed Models

The Wheels of Time Piggy-Packer in HO-scale is a highly detailed and historically accurate model based on the FWD Wagner / Raygo Wagner PC-90. It’s perfect for your intermodal scene from 1968 to the present, fully decorated and ready to add to your HO layout or diorama. Read a brief history of this interesting machine.

Loader lifting trailer onto flat car

Shows repositioning inboard trailer lifting legs. Gray legs must be carefully removed and repositioned (extended) as shown to pick-up trailers

Shows container cradle extended to pick-up container. Following pictures show installation of CONTAINER CRADLE,                      part # 30001. Complete container cradle installed with container. (container not included)

Shows container cradle (top) and main cradle bottom. Main cradle is not used, just two part container cradle with magnets.

Shows front trailer lifting legs folded, so loader can be positioned over van trailer.

Shows container cradle top and bottom views. Small metal plates are magnets

Shows front trailer lifting legs lowered, ready to pick-up van.

Shows sliding trailer cradle off main cradle to prepare to attach container cradle.

Shows ½ of trailer cradle removed

Shows sliding both pieces of container cradle onto main cradle. With complete trailer cradle in the background.

Shows container cradle installed

Add steel washer to inside roof of container, this will give
the magnet on container carriage something to attach to.

Complete container cradle installed with container.
 (container not included)