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#LT-100 - Micro Liquidtape - 1 Oz

#LT-100 - Micro Liquidtape - 1 Oz


#LT-100 - Micro Liquidtape - 1 Oz

Micro Liquidtape is a liquid adhesive that when applied to one side of a part and allowed to dry, can be pressed onto another clean part where it will stick firmly. You can take it apart again and again as long as they stay clean. Even then, another coat will renew it. You could use Micro Liquidtape as the final assembly and retain the ability to remove it at any time.

Use Liquid Tape for securing coupler knuckle spring, so you never loose spring again!

We have used the product here at Arrow Hobby on many modeling projects and found it to be excellent for re-attaching loose Athearn diesel or any other plastic handrails. Because this adhesive doesn't dry rock hard like ACC it has a lot more flexibility so parts don't brake off when handling as easy. And if part is broken off it is much easier to repair.

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